Hand & Body Lotion

From Head to toe and every callus and corn in between are no match for GGGramma Anna's lotion!

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Scented Oils

The scents of our Premium Blends and 50+ More for Home, Office, Car and You!

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Minty Muscle

If You have muscle or joint pain
Use This!
It Works and smells great!

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The Newkirk Philosophy

Simple. We will make a quality product at a reasonable price and ship it within 2 business days We will meet the needs and expectations of our client.

At Great Great Gramma's we look forward to Custom Blending the scent you crave.  Whether it is for our lotion, an oil burner, body oil, or scent for the car our available scents make the choices endless!

Since our Newkirk line came to America in the 1630's on the Dutch ship Moseman we have been of service to our community and country.  We are proud to be represented on the 'America's First Families' Ancestor Roll of Honor.

What Can We Blend for You?

Newkirk's Mills, Circa 1830
Newkirk's Mills, Newkirk Mills, NY circa 1840
No Petroleum
100% Natural Ingredients found to be beneficial to skin, including vitamins A, B, D and E.
No Colors other than what nature has provided.
Not harmful to the User,  Children,  Pets or the Environment.
Great Great Gramma made sure of it!